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6 maio de 2014

Science through the senses

By Lisa Maia The 1st grade English class has been learning about “Science Through the Senses”. We began our semester long project by focusing on the sense of hearing.  First, we studied how the human ear functions using educational videos, diagrams, and classroom experiment. Through Guided Play, we would hear for ourselves. Blind folded, one […]

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24 fevereiro de 2014

Media and preschool: make it count

By teacher Lorena Gutierrez Research clearly demonstrates that well-designed, age-appropriate, educational televi­sion can be beneficial to children of preschool age. With that in mind, we can also assume that other forms of media (videos, computer programs, and even games) can have a similar effect. The underlying message to parents and educators alike is to maximize […]

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7 novembro de 2013

Math for preschoolers

By teacher Lorena Gutierrez From the outside looking in you may observe a number of children seated with a teacher playing with wooden blocks but the dialogue isn’t what you expect. Teacher: Sofia, get four blocks and build a tower with them. Sofia: (Counting while getting the blocks) one, two, three, four. Teacher: Please count them again. How may […]

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17 outubro de 2013

Fairytales come to life

By Lisa Maia This month our students had the wonderful opportunity to learn about culture, language, and fairytales hands on.  For our 1st grade students this was most valuable because it directly correlates to our semester project “Once Upon a Time: fairytales by the Brothers Grimm”. Students were able to explore a forest of trees […]

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