Teaching English with Infantil II

12 dezembro de 2018

Por Dinah Ventanilla

It has been an absolute delight and pleasure to have taught the Infantil II class this year!


We learned about colors and made art crafts.




We learned so much about our bodies and taking care of them.



We also learned about our five senses and what body parts do we use with them.

grupo 1

We learned to take care about our teeth.

grupo 2

We know how to name our feelings and express them.

grupo 3

We also had so much fun learning about animals—how they move, eat, and live.

grupo 4

We had fun playing on our Center time.

grupo 5

And we celebrated special events in our classroom such as birthdays and Halloween!

grupo 6

I am grateful and happy to be a part of the Centro Educacional Leonardo da Vinci family. It has been amazing to be the English teacher of Infantil II class for three years. I will forever bring these great and fun memories with me.

grupo 7

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